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Answering services typically take and forward messages and can sound impersonal. They tend to leave callers feeling like they are leaving a message with someone who has absolutely no connection to the person they want to speak with.

Our virtual receptionists sound as if they are sitting at your front desk, answering calls, managing your calendar, giving pricing information and answering FAQs while also taking messages and screening calls.


Frequently asked questions

All of our pricing information is available here: Plans & Pricing
We charge a simple, monthly fee, with no contracts.


We answer all of your calls on behalf of your business. The vast majority of the time, your callers will just assume that the person they are speaking with is a receptionist in your office.

The only time we will ever tell the caller that we are a receptionist service is if we are
asked directly.

We provide you an assigned phone number with your local area code*.
You have 3 options:
1 You can either forward your calls to this number using your existing phone provider.
2. You can publish this assigned phone number on your website, marketing materials,
etc. (but note, we retain ownership of this number, and cannot port it out to you in the
3. If you don’t already have a phone number for your business, we highly recommend
purchasing an affordable phone number from a provider. You can forward this number to us, and publish this phone number on your website, marketing materials, etc.
*NOTE – some area codes not available

Still want to answer your own phone calls? Feel free to forward and stop forwarding your lines at your convenience, whether that be all day, a couple of days a week, or a few hours a day.

Overflow: You can also choose to have your phone provider ring calls in your office a few times before rolling over to our team of professional virtual receptionists.

Yes! We want to get to know your business. The more information you are willing to share about your business, the more we can help you with. With the use of technology and good old-fashioned smarts, we can handle your calls the same way you would.

Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm CDT.
After hours, all voice mails will be delivered directly to your email.

Yes! We can use your existing appointment calendar or you can use the appointment
software we recommend to manage your calendar.

Our virtual receptionists will answer your calls with your personalized greeting.
Our recommended, 3-Part Greeting includes, “Thank you for calling [Your Company]!
My name is [Receptionist’s Name]. How can I help you today?”

While most of our awesome receptionists are based in the US, we do outsource to other
parts of the world. However, all of our agents speak clearly and professionally, and have
neutral accents!

Our friendly virtual receptionists let you know who’s on the line and, if you would like to take the call, they will connect the callers to you live, wherever you are. Typical call-handling protocol for our virtual receptionists is as follows:

1. The call is identified and answered. The call is screened and placed on hold.
2. The client is contacted and asked whether or not he or she wishes to accept the call.
3. If accepted, the call is transferred immediately.
4. If denied, the call is either sent to voicemail or a manual message is taken and delivered via email.

*Please note: We are happy to adapt our call-handling to your unique business,
including only taking messages, collecting specific information from callers, trying multiple lines, scheduling appointments, taking orders and more.

You may update us as to your whereabouts as frequently as you like! Let us know when you are stepping into a meeting, working off your cell for a bit, or would like your calls held. Update your status via phone or email.

“Whereabouts” are just one of the ways our virtual receptionists sound like an in-house
employee: “Sam is at lunch at the moment, but I would be happy to take a message or offer you his voicemail.”

We only charge for the time that the receptionist is involved in the call; there are no charges per transfer, per message, or for the time that you talk to your caller.

We certainly can! Our virtual receptionists are happy to place calls to relay information or confirm appointments on your behalf. These minutes are simply added to your inbound call minutes, and then subtracted from your chosen monthly package of minutes.

No. CallpointVR offers a month-to-month agreement, with no contracts. We do however require 14 days notice to cancel your plan prior to your upcoming cycle date.

Our team takes down all of the relevant information from each caller, and sends you a call summary email after each call, so that you are always up to date on what is happening with your business.

We also offer the option to send these call notes to you via text as well!

At CallPoint VR, we stand out because we prioritize values and morality in everything we do. Our core desire is to not just work with your business, but to become an integral part of your growth journey. We truly want to live up to our slogan, Making Every Call Count!

Our pricing is monthly, and is on a per-minute basis, meaning you only pay for the time a phone call occupies your dedicated phone number. Once that call is ended, or as soon as it is transferred to you, you no longer pay for the minutes! Callpoint VR does not charge for spam calls, telemarketers, or automated dialers, meaning you only pay for the calls that are relevant to your business

Once we have the information needed, our receptionists can start answering your phone calls in as little as one day!

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